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Located on the Western side of the small island of Antiparos in the Cyclades, the AGRILIA Estate is home to over 3,000 olive trees of the ‘Koroneiki’ variety, spread over 10 hectares (100 stremata).

The trees receive year-round care from our dedicated staff who adhere to organic farming methods and share the owners’ love and enthusiasm for olives, olive trees, and of course, olive oil.

AGRILIA is a certified producer of organic oil. We have invested in our own ‘state of the art’ two-stage oil press (Oliomatic 700) which produces the highest quality ‘cold-pressed’ olive oil without the use of water. The olives are pressed on the very day they are picked and as the oil comes out of the press it goes directly into stainless steel containers where it is kept until transferred into bottles and cans.

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Our own precision packaging equipment enables us to keep our oil on the estate and under our full control until ready to ship. A precision filler ensures that the accurate amount enters each bottle or tin, while the plastic pourer of our caps helps keep the oil inside the bottle and not on your hands, tablecloths or cupboard shelves!

Contact us for a tour of AGRILIA and its facilities. And if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, join us for our annual olive picking!



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